James Nichols

James made great progress recovering from a bad motorcycle accident at Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital

James Nichols, 53, spends much of his free time riding his motorcycle. The Bakersfield resident enjoys his job as a supervisor and loves being with his wife. They especially enjoy performing firework shows together.

Riding his motorcycle to work one day, James had a car change lanes in front of him. When the car cut him off, James crashed into the back of the vehicle. The driver fled the scene, but bystanders assisted James, getting him out of the street until an ambulance arrived.

The ambulance transported James to Kern Medical, where he was diagnosed with multiple pelvic and rib fractures. Fortunately, James didn’t require surgical intervention. But he was unable to transfer or walk on his own. James needed rehabilitation to help him regain his strength and independence.

James had a great advocate in his wife. She knew he needed inpatient rehabilitation and arranged a transfer to Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital.

“I am so thankful for all of your staff and the care I received,” James shared. “When your liaison came into my room at Kern Medical, I felt like she was an angel that answered our prayers.”

“Look at me! I couldn’t get out of bed or stand when I first got here, and now I’m getting into a wheelchair on my own and standing.”

James gets a handshake from hospital CEO, Randy Dodd on his discharge day

During his nine-day stay at Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital, James worked hard on his recovery. One of his primary goals was to get back to work. He made incredible progress with the therapy staff, and will continue working on his recovery with home health.

On his discharge day, the staff lined the halls of Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital to congratulate James on his achievements. James stood outside his car to take pictures with the team and was sent off with a handshake from the hospital’s CEO, Randy Dodd. Though he still has work to do, James is pleased to have made enough progress to return home safely with his wife.

Thank you, James, for choosing Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital and allowing us to be part of your recovery journey!

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